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Our Insurance Solutions

Providing the Value of Advice

We help Canadians protect their loved ones, grow their wealth, improve their health – and build their futures. Our goal is to make it fast and easy to do all those things, so you can spend time on the people and things that really matter. 

Insurance Solutions

It’s not what we have in life, but who we have that matters. With the right Insurance solutions, you can protect the people you care about most with easy-to-understand options that offer peace of mind and put precious time back where it belongs – in your hands. We can provide educated advice and expertise in:

  • Life and Health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Disability and Critical illness protection
  • Long-term care

Segregated Funds

Investment solutions designed to offer potential for both growth and financial protection. Segregated funds can offer:

  • Growth potential
  • Estate planning advantages
  • Protection features
  • Choices to meet a range of investment styles and needs



An annuity is an insurance contract where, in exchange for a single lump-sum deposit, an insurer makes guaranteed regular income payments back to the owner of the annuity. These payments contain both interest and a return of principal component. Gain comfort in knowing that your investment will continue to generate income payments in the event you die during the term length.

Risk Management 

Assisting individuals and corporations in managing their differing risks by use of life insurance selection, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, health and dental plans, group benefit plans, long-term care insurance coverage, and travel insurance.


Group and Business Solutions

Find simple, cost effective and tax efficient plans to attract and retain the best talent. Stay competitive as an employer and keep your plan members engaged by helping manage their health and wellness. Whether you are a small or large business, we will meet with you to assess your needs and explain your options, such as: 

  • Group benefits & Group retirement
  • Group pension 
  • Competitive employee benefits
  • Business insurance

For more information on services and solutions to your financial needs.. 


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